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Consider the Benefits of a Professional Investigator

If Your a busy Attorney, you need consider  the  benefits of hiring Manning Investigations!

​Why not hire our professional investigation team to track down hard-to-find witnesses, canvas the area, and vet experts?

Would it be advisable for a lawyer to analyze blood spatter in a crime scene photo? 

Should an attorney be expected to break down a financial statement and explain whether it is misleading?

Would You spend valuable time searching for witness statements or staking out a POI?

​Let Us Do the Work for You!  By delegating work to experts in various fields, counsel makes his firm look savvy, ​connected, and thorough.

Locate People and Assets

A witness or an heir, former employee, spouse, etc. .” Whether you would like to interview, serve, or need a private investigation done on someone, we can help you to identify and locate the individual.   Locate assets such as real estate, valuable property (artwork, antiques, collectibles, etc.), and vehicles (motor vehicles, aircraft, vessels, etc.). 

Leverage for Negotiations

We at Manning Investigations can pull together key sources and intelligence for Attorneys to inform your side during litigation, internal investigation, surveillance, monitor social media sites or any other adversarial situation that can make the difference between a favorable settlements.

Prep for Cross Examination

During preparation for a deposition or courtroom testimony, a professional investigator’s report detailing your witnesses’ weaknesses, background, and behavioral tendencies may be one of your most valuable tools. This can also be useful in identifying information against your client, so you can be prepared for litigatio


​Whether it is an adversarial matter or an internal investigation, we can efficiently recover electronic files – including those that a subject believes he or she has successfully deleted. We can identify and analyze a subject’s emails, documents, or other files.

Quality Process Service

​Manning Investigations  offers Professional, Confidential and accurate Service.  We will get the job Done! We go the extra mile for process service! We get Results!  Same Day Service Available.

Licensed and Bonded Professional Investigators in Michigan. 

Manning Investigations assists with Murder Trial


Bogseth Murder Trial

Manning Investigations assists with Bogseth  Trial