Observation, close watch, tailing, stakeout.

All About Surveillance

What is Surveillance?


Surveillance, sometimes referred to as "tailing someone" is a tactic frequently used by private investigators. It involves the investigator following and observing a person.  

This could be a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Any suspicious activity is documented and typically captured on film when possible. 

Who Needs it?

insurance workers comp

Surveillance is also used to obtain evidence of fraud with Workers Comp claims, bad business practices, activities of an employee or business partner.

 There are many ways surveillance can be beneficial for the consumer outside of spousal surveillance.

Is Surveillance Legal?

legal law

 Surveillance techniques are performed within the parameters of the law. We will capture and document all of the available evidence using legal  tactics.

There are many Legal ways to observe someones activity.

How Much Does It Cost?

cost, money

What are the costs associated with surveillance cases?

Each case has different needs and requirements. The first step is to evaluate your needs and develop a strategy. 

What Should I do?


What should I do once the surveillance is under way?

Your job is to go about “business as usual.” Do not change your daily habits and behaviors. 

What Should I Expect?


You can expect to receive a video (when possible) or photos with documentation, along with a written surveillance report that details all activities. At that point, you should have enough evidence to determine your plan of action.