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Did you Know?

missing persons

  • Over 800,000 people are reported missing annually the USA.    That is a staggering number. 

 Even more troubling is:

  •  The waiting  period imposed by many departments. 

  • Delays between making the  report and when the investigation begins. Which can leave the trail cold making it nearly impossible to find the missing person

When Someone goes Missing!

Missing persons

Every major Police Department, State Bureau of Investigations,  and the FBI all deal with missing persons, kidnappings, and  predators.
A few Points to Ponder

  • Due to the extreme number of missing person cases, if they are not solved quickly they  fade into the background.
  • They may remain open but the investigative process reduces in urgency and manpower day by day.​  

Manning Investigations Can Help!


We have several resources available to us that are used in the process of locating a missing person. 

Our investigators are experienced  and have access to the most modern technology and databases.

  • Computer forensics
  •  Interviews with LE  witnesses, etc. 
  • Access to equipment
  • Each case is unique as we treat it as so. 

Whether your missing person is a loved one, a business associate, a deadbeat dad or a criminal who will be brought to justice, Manning Investigations will diligently search for them using every resource available to us.

Let Us Help You!

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​​Manning Investigations  will begin your Investigation Right Away!

  • Time is important in this type of case. 
  • We stay on the case and do what it takes 
  • Use every available resource while searching for answers
  • We have Knowledge, experience and expertise in missing person cases

​While some missing person cases may take time to locate the individual, you can be sure that no matter what the situation we will utilize all of our resources in an attempt to locate who you are looking for.

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